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From The East - August 2022

Dear Brethren, We are currently dark-ish. Dim really. It was decided that we would not meet regularly during the summer but would continue to confer degrees when the need arose. We also determined to continue to work on ritual and be engaged in the community. Consequently, and despite being dark-ish, your Lodge continues to be wonderfully productive!

In July, Pentalpha was represented at all four Grand Lodge Summer Schools of Instruction. Special Recognition rightly goes to Past Master Glen Sunderland and Brother John Wenzel. Both of these good Brothers attended all four of the summer school classes in July! Well done Brothers! Many Brothers attended the first three classes. Those of us who did not attend the final class in July will attend that class at a regional location in August and thereby earn a certificate of regular attendance. Pentalpha Lodge had high attendance almost every week and had the highest attendance of any Lodge at least once at the summer school. Well done Brethren!

In July we conferred the FC Degree on Brother B.T. and Brother A.P. Congratulations Brothers! It gives so many of us joy to see you both progressing along the Masonic Path.

Past Master James Kinnear, Past Master Glen Sunderland, and several good Brothers and their families made the trip up to Bonnie Blink to serve those in residence there by putting on a wonderful Bingo night. Pentalpha was very well represented . Thank you to all who gave of their time and of themselves to support that worthy effort!

Eight good Brothers spent eight difficult hours replacing the toilet and re-enforcing and replacing the floor in the ladies bathroom at the Lodge. It was hard work. I cannot think of anyone who participated that was not, at some point, found on his hands and knees working hard to contribute. Thanks to all who worked so hard to make our Lodge better! Special thanks to our Junior Warden, Brother Brian Viehland for taking lead on this important project.

Pentalpha Lodge made a significant contribution to Saint Andrew Ukrainian Orthodox Church to provide humanitarian relief to those suffering as a result of the war in Ukraine. Thank you to every good Brother and friend of Pentalpha whose generous support made this possible. As a result of our wildly successful concert fundraiser the Lodge was able to both make an important capital improvement and donate just over $3,750.00 to support humanitarian relief for those whose need is very great.

Scholarship checks to support the pursuit of higher education were delivered to both winners of our scholarship program conducted in partnership with the Grand Lodge of Maryland. As is usually the case, Pentalpha Lodge provided matching funds to those awarded by the Grand Lodge. Each scholarship recipient received one thousand dollars to help fund their educational endeavors. Thank you, Past Master James Kinnear, for your willingness to personally deliver those checks!

Speaking of capital improvements, the badly needed camera surveillance security system continues to be upgraded. Phase one of the project was completed earlier in the year. Phase two is now in the works. Because of the monies raised as a result of our concert fundraiser, we are able to complete the installation of a robust camera surveillance system that will help ensure the security of our facility and do so without having to burden the Lodge financially. Special thanks to our Senior Warden, Brother Carl Swanson, PM, for taking technical lead on this capital improvement.

Congratulations to Past Master Robert Reid and our Senior Deacon, Brother Jeffrey Reinsch on having earned the honorary degree, Fellow of the Craft from the Maryland Masonic Academy. Nice work Brothers!

Several Brothers gathered in July to provide service to one of our Lodge Brothers. The need was real. The work was hard. The company was choice. The day was well spent. Our labors brought us closer as Brothers and friends bound together by oaths that are enduring. It made me both glad and proud to be a part of it and see the good that determined Masons can accomplish.

Our Lodge is made better as a result of the affiliation of Brother John Breck. Brother Breck also currently sits in the East as Worshipful Master of Silver Spring Lodge. It is noteworthy that our newly affiliated Brother was in attendance at almost every event detailed above. Welcome Brother Breck, WM to Pentalpha Lodge – we are delighted to have you numbered among us!

On a somber note, we assembled at Devol Funeral Home in Gaithersburg to provide a Masonic Memorial for our dearly departed member, Brother Richard Perry. His funeral was very well attended by family and friends. His Masonic Brethren acquitted themselves honorably in providing him and those whom he loved, a good memorial service. Brother Perry was a member of our Lodge for very nearly seventy-five years!

My Brothers, there you have it. Though we are enjoying the “quiet” of being dark-ish for the summer, Pentalpha Lodge continues to carry on in its Masonic good works. Thanks so much to each of you for your support.

Thank you, my Brothers, for being the good men, the good Masons that you are.

On a personal note: I continue to be blessed by the brotherly-love, affection, and encouragement of so many of you. Thank you for the cards, letters, emails, texts, phone calls, face-to-face conversations, and the several other tokens of brotherhood, support, and friendship. These things make some of the more challenging aspects of serving in the East not only bearable, but a joy and a pleasure. Thank y’all!

Sincerely & Fraternally,
WM Hank
Earl “Hank” Griffin
Pentalpha Lodge No. 194