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From The East - October 2022

Summer become autumn. Heat changes to cool. Soon, it will be cold. Meanwhile, the good work of Pentalpha Lodge continues. In September, we enjoyed a wonderfully successful Festive Board. Pentalpha raised two Master Masons of our own and provided a courtesy raising for a good Brother of Silver Spring Lodge. Congratulations Brothers B.T. and A.P. on your having successfully turned in your FC catechism and your advancement to the 3rd Degree! Our officers attended a County School of Instruction. We worked to make the Lodge better.

I wish to say a special thank you to our active Past Masters. Brothers James Kinnear, PM, Glen Sunderlund, PM, Carl Swanson, PM, Brother Robert Reid, PM, and Addie Caracciolo, PM, have each provided me endless and much needed support throughout the year. Each has made significant contributions in different but critical ways. Each has earned my respect, appreciation, and respect. I don’t think this year could have been anything like as successful without each of these very good Brothers.

Thank you, Past Masters!

WM Hank
Earl “Hank” Griffin III
Worshipful Master
Pentalpha Lodge No. 194