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From The East - November 2022

This morning was spent walking in the woods. Leaves fell endlessly, like red, gold, and purple flakes of snow. Large and small they fell. Each will break down over the winter to create new soil for the spring. Each will give itself to support the coming generation.

In the end, you and I will do likewise. Such is the way of all the earth. It is natural and correct, if a little unsettling to contemplate.

What are we doing with our time while we are here? Are we beautifying our little part of the Earth? Are we actively working to make the world around us better? Do we show our brothers love and affection? Are we serving something greater than ourselves?

What personal example are we setting for the benefit of those on the path behind us?

One of the things I love best about Masonry is that it provides so much purpose to those who wish to thoughtfully answer these important questions with personal action!

Brethren, In October we raised two new Master Masons, initiated a new Entered Apprentice, heard good catechisms turned in, made our Lodge better with our labors, had a fantastic Trunk-or-treat event for our Masonic and greater community, attended other Lodges, enjoyed visits to our Lodge, were blessed with many brothers getting caught up on their late dues, and enjoyed a wonderful Spirit of Fellowship at Pentalpha Lodge. It was a good month. Thank you to all those who worked hard to make it good.

WM Hank