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From The East - December 2022

Dear Brethren, Congratulations Pentalpha Lodge on having won the Grand Masters Award With Distinction for 2022! To my knowledge, this is the first time Pentalpha has done so. I could not be more proud of every single good Mason who has worked hard, contributed his time, his means, his prayers, or in any way contributed to the success of our wonderful Lodge over the past year.

My goodness Brethren, serving you from the East has been a pleasure, a privilege, and the source of endless joy! We have had real challenges to overcome and succeeded. We have lost too many good men and mourned. We have done much good at home, in Pentalpha, in the greater community, and even globally – worthy accomplishments. We have served widows, children, each other, those who hunger, and much more.

Our Lodge has a state of the art, premium, top of the line video surveillance system and we have not been subject to vandalism since its roll out! We hosted a one of a kind, first class concert to pay for it and to ensure our ability to contribute to the relief of those suffering as a result of war on the other side of the world. We provided a good Thanksgiving meal to 36 families in need. We have made repairs to and cleaned up our Lodge: significant upgrades to a bathroom, repairs to the cozy Lodge, new thermostats and more.

So much good has been accomplished because of the extraordinarily good men and Masons of Pentalpha Lodge. I commend you my Brothers. May God bless you with good health, much wisdom, and endless prosperity.

I cannot wait to see the good that you will do in 2023. I am eager to put my shoulder to the wheel with you and push along. As we work to make the world around us better, we will be unable to do anything less than become better men ourselves.

Most Sincerely and Fraternally,
WM Hank

Earl “Hank” Griffin III
Worshipful Master
Pentalpha Lodge No. 194