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From The East - January 2023

Dear Brethren, This is my final, “From the East” for this term as Worshipful Master of Pentalpha Lodge. Serving you from The East has been a singular joy. Thank you for trusting me with this work. I owe Brother Grundy, our diligent Trestleboard editor, an apology. I should have had this to him no later than the end of the month. I am sorry Brother Ken.

This final penning of the Worshipful Master’s message to the Lodge has proven more difficult than I anticipated. If I am entirely candid, I feel a mild sense of melancholy here at the end of my term. Happily, I have much to do, plenty to keep me occupied, and I am grateful. Sadly, for me at least, some of these responsibilities will necessarily take from my time at Pentalpha.

To my great satisfaction and real pleasure, Worshipful Master – elect, Brother Brian Viehland, is very well prepared and most capable. Pentalpha will continue to be led by a Master who loves his Lodge, his Brethren, and who will work hard for and with them to ensure Pentalpha’s success and see that good men become better men while making the world around us better! He will need our support. I pledge mine most sincerely and without hesitation.

Be kind Brethren. Be kind to each other. Be kind to yourselves.

Too often good men, working hard to become better men are hard on themselves and sometimes on each other. Lift one another my good Brothers. When you look in the mirror and that inner voice begins speaking to you, insist that it speak kindly or hold its tongue. There is enough meanness in the world without our adding to it by being unkind to ourselves and one another.

Treat your Brethren gently. Be especially gentle with our eldest and youngest. By showing an excess of brotherly-love and affection we can only make our Lodge better, stronger, and more enduring.

Be the very best Mason, the very best man, and Brother that you can possibly be. Learn our ritual. If you have forgotten it, re-commit it to memory. We host ritual club every off Thursday and would love to see everyone of our members there, lifting one another as we all aspire to perfect our Gentle Craft. Be good stewards, good caretakers of that with which you have been so solemnly entrusted. Ensure that you are ever ready to pass on what has been given to you. As you do these things, remember to support your Lodge and fraternity. In so doing, you help preserve for the next generation the gifts and legacy of our Ancient Institution.

Thank you all for your kind support this year. It has been such a year. Such a year could not have been except for your kind support.

Now, I invite you to extend the same and more to our Worshipful Master – elect Brian Viehland. We will install him Saturday, January 14, at 10:00 am at Pentalpha Lodge. Please come. I am eager to see each of you there.

WM Hank
Earl F. “Hank” Griffin III, WM
Worshipful Grand Chaplain, Grand Inspector, and very soon, Past Master